About This Blog

This website is about helping you enjoy your mountain biking . I will write about things I see and experience as a guide and an instructor that I think might help improve the experience for you as the reader/ rider. Like a lot of the internet, it is opinion, and I hold some pretty strong opinions on many aspects of mountain biking , especially technical preparation being one of the easiest factors to control (this includes proper bike fit and set up) and skill improvement being one of the best investments one can make.

Like everything in life; take something, take nothing, take it with a pinch of salt, or take your bike and get outside and ride. Happy Trails.

Preparation for biking

Preparation is the key with any sport, or activity that you want to be good at.  Mountain biking requires strength, balance, flexibility and a strong core in order for you to get the most out of your activity. Did I say something about core, I don’t think that most riders could ever do too much core work and stretching.

Yes, that means that you’ll have to do the exercises at the gym (or at home as body weight based training done properly is just as effective) if you want to bike all day without feeling utterly exhausted at the end of it.

A local physio has worked hard to develop a very good app called SkiRAD. Sure it is based on skiing but the principles and major muscles are the same for mountain biking and it is a simple resource to reference.

It has a great range of exercises that increase in difficulty as one gets more fit. There is also a simple self assessment to determine whether you are “ski (bike) fit” or perhaps need to consider a bit more conditioning work prior to your bike holiday/ season.

Just a warning, most professional bikers and skiers would actually struggle to pass the “ready to ski” test. And remember it is your responsibility to check with your licensed health practitioner (doctor) before under taking a new or increased exercise regime.